Using the Cantel Star Commands with Fido's Nokia 6190

The Cantel * commands are pretty easy to use, but for some reason they don't very well with the Fido Nokia 6190. What happens is that whenever you press the send button with a number ending with a "#", the phone would automatically M append *99 to the front of the number. For example, if you typed in:

*2 1*6041234567#

to activate call for warding, what really would be sent would be:

*9 9*21*6041234567#

which of course fail on the Cantel system. Similarly, turning off call forwarding, ie:

#2 1#

would yield:< /p>

*9 9#21#

and of course fail as well. The way I found around this, after some experimenting is (for the 1st example) leave out the trailing #, so for call forwarding, you would use

*2 1*6041234567

and it will work. To turn off a * command, (again I will use call forwarding as the exampl e) just append a dummy number after the # and the *99 will not get appended and the trailing digit you add will get ignored. So what you would type to disable call forwarding is:

#2 1#3

You can of course replace the "21" in the example above with 67, 63 or any of the Cantel * commands that are used to activate or turn off the special commands.

That should do it. If you have any thing you wish to add, feel free to email me at

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