How to add your Cantel analog service to your Nokia 6190


I was looking to "attach" an existing Cantel phone to my 6190 but I couldn't really find any information on this on the web so I looked to the news group and got some good answers so I'll post my findings here for others to look at:

As far as I can tell, the analog module is basically an analog phone without a screen and keypad. Therefore it can be activated to whichever carrier you wish to use it with. SPLocking isn't a factor as far as I can tell. Warning: What you are about to do will disable your existing Cantel handset!

First, you must call Cantel customer service to register the ESN number of your analog module. Simply dial 611 on your Cantel phone and ask them to do it for you, they may give you another number to call if the person on the line cannot do it.

Next you must program your module to work with the Cantel network. To do so, attach the module to your phone and from the main menu press the following keys (if you've changed your phone security code, then replace the 12345 with your code):


Now that there are two important settings you must change:

  • Your phone number (with the area code)
  • The System ID - in Vancouver, BC - the Cantel System ID to use is 16425. See chart below for more areas. This list will probably grow as I encounter more of them.
  • The default BCTel Mobility/Fido System ID is 16422.
Area System ID to use
Vancouver/Lower Mainland 16425
Nanaimo 16447 - submitted by Stephen Romain.
Souther Vancouver Island/Southern Gulf Islands 16427 - submitted by Stephen Romain.
Toronto, Ontario area 16423

Now just wait while and not touch any buttons or turn off the phone to exit the analog programming menu.

Now to test the settings, go to Menu -> Settings -> Analog Settings -> Analog Only. This will force the phone into analog mode for you do some testing. Now if you see the signal bars on the left side of the screen showing something and have "Analog" show up on the screen instead of Fido, then so far so good. Now use a landline and call your Cantel phone number and your Fido should ring. You can also test the handset by call 611, you should get the Cantel automated customer service system.

What I did was just leave this menu option set at Analog Only so when I plugged in the analog module it would automatically kick in. When I don't want to use the Cantel plan (during the day) I would just unplug the module and the phone would of course default to digital mode. This made switching between the two carriers very easy. Also, right before plugging in the analog module, I would forward my Fido number to the Cantel number and wouldn't lose any calls. Viola!

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