Fido Nokia 6190 Version 5.53


Recently the Fido flagship store in Vancouver has received versin 5.53 of the firmware for their Nokia 6190 phones. There are several major improvements that I have noticed right away.

  • Caller Groups, Custom Ringtones and the Start-up logo are all now uploadable to the phone directly using a data cable. There is no need to subscribe to SMS nor is there need to find a
    8-bit SMSC.
  • The max volume is slightler louder than previous
  • Chinese menus - previous unavailabe in the 4.x series, but available in 5.03.
  • Menu 4-3-7 is new. It's titled Notifications on SIM update. I'm not exactly sure what it's used for but I'm guessing that it's used to turn off that "SIM CARD UPDATED" message you get whenever you activate or deactivate a service with Fido.

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