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Yup, this is yet another GSM cell phone info page. I'll try to only put information here that isn't available anywhere else and various tips that I've come across. I don't want to duplicate information that can be found on other sites unnecessarily. So if you want to some good information that isn't available here - for example to compare service between various wireless providers here in Canada, take a look at Steve Punter's site. It's wonderful resource and answers many questions new users have.

What is GSM?

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. GSM service is used by over 1.8 billion people across more than 210 countries and territories [1]. The ubiquity of the GSM standard makes international roaming very common between mobile phone operators, enabling subscribers to use their phones in many parts of the world. GSM differs significantly from its predecessors in that both signaling and speech channels are digital, which means that it is considered a second generation (2G) mobile phone system. This fact has also meant that data communication was built into the system from very early on. GSM is an open standard which is currently developed by the 3GPP.


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